Financial donors (including you?)

Are you helping to fund the Palestinian Authority’s ability to incite, facilitate and reward terrorists – and indoctrinate children to want to murder Jews?

You are, if you’re a taxpayer in the U.S., Canada or Western Europe.

As the Palestinian Authority (the “PA”) has no functional economy, the bulk of the money it uses to incite hate against Jews, facilitate and reward terrorism, and indoctrinate children comes from donations.  Arabic governments donate huge sums to the PA, with the full knowledge of how it is being used.

TheMoneyTrail3The biggest non-Arabic sources of funding to the PA, however, are:

(1) Taxpayers in the United States: $300-$500 million per year

(2) Taxpayers in Canada: $60 million per year

(3) Taxpayers in Western Europe: $200 million per year

In total, the PA will receive an estimated $1.2 billion in 2013 from international donors – who are told that this money is being used strictly for “charitable” and “humanitarian” purposes.  In fact, governments in most Western nations have passed laws that promise taxpayers that none of the aid money that is being extracted from their paychecks is being used to fund terrorism, either directly or indirectly (U.S. example).

Yet as is documented in Section (4) on this page, there is no longer any doubt that the PA is using the aid money it receives to incite, facilitate and reward terrorism, and indoctrinate children.  Further, as documented in Section (5), a significant portion of international “humanitarian” aid has been stolen by senior PA officials, and squirreled away in their own personal accounts.

Other sources of funding for the PA are:

  • Non-governmental organizations (eg the United Nations – whose #1 funder is the U.S.)
  • Private foundations

These entities also claim to the public and donors that aid money to the PA is being used only for non-violent purposes – despite the evidence to the contrary.

(1) U.S. taxpayer aid to Palestinian Authority: $300 million – $500 million per year

From U.S. Foreign Aid to the Palestinians, testimony before Congress by Jim Zanotti, Specialist in Middle Eastern Affairs, Federation of American Scientists, January 18, 2013.  Excerpt:

From FY2008 to the present, annual regular-year U.S. bilateral assistance to the West Bank and Gaza Strip has averaged around $500 million, including annual averages of approximately $200 million in direct budgetary assistance and $100 million in non-lethal security assistance for the PA in the West Bank. Additionally, the United States is the largest single-state donor to the U.N. Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East (UNRWA).

US unblocks $500 million in aid to Palestinians, by Yoel Goldman, Times of Israel, March 23, 2013.  Excerpt:

The US State Department announced on Friday that nearly $500 million in aid had been unblocked for transfer to the Palestinian Authority, months after Congress froze the funds in late-2012. […] The Palestinian Authority has been in the grips of a deep economic crisis, largely due to promised aid going undelivered. Additionally, Israel has stopped delivering Palestinian tax revenues to the PA — with the exception of a one-time payment of $100 million in January — following Palestine’s approved petition for non-member observer state status at the UN last November. The Obama administration has been pushing for release of Congressional aid funds for some time, and it was unclear if any conditions were placed on the PA in exchange for delivery.

The governmental entity that is responsible for giving this money to the PA is the U.S. House Committee on Appropriations – State, Foreign Operations, and Related Programs Subcommittee.

If you object to money being deducted from your paycheck to give to the PA terror machine, go here for means of making your voice known to the government officials who are voting to do this.

(2) Canadian taxpayer aid to Palestinian Authority: $60 million per year

Reallocating Canadian aid to the Palestinians, by Charles Bybelezer, Jerusalem Post, April 13, 2013. Excerpt:

Following last week’s expiration of Canada’s five-year, $300 million aid package to the Palestinian Authority, Canadian Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird announced that Ottawa would not renew its pledge prior to conducting “a dialogue to find out what their [the Palestinians’] priorities are.” To this end, Baird, who is on a 10-day trip to the Middle East, met with both PA President Mahmoud Abbas and Prime Minister Salam Fayyad over the weekend in Ramallah.

(3) European taxpayer aid to Palestinian Authority: $250 million + per year

EU offers Palestinian Authority $68 million in aid, I24 News, September 9, 2013.

EU aid boost for Palestinian Authority, by John Alliage Morales, DevEx, March 28, 2013.  Excerpt:

Days after the United States unblocked some $500 million in aid to the Palestinian Authority, the European Union followed suit.  The EU pledged on Wednesday (March 27) €148 million ($190 million) to provide social services to the Palestinian people.  High Representative of the Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy and Vice President Catherine Ashton said in a statement: “With this contribution the European Union delivers on its promise to sustain the PA’s viability and its ability to ensure essential services for the Palestinian people without interruption.”

Norway to give $42 million to PA in 2013:

“Norway is disbursing the whole amount of its budget support [of 240 million kroner (approx. $41,825,760)] to Palestine for 2013 now because Palestinian public sector employees urgently need to be paid again.”

[Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ website,, Feb. 21, 2013; cited here.]

(4) Documentation of the PA’s use of aid money to incite, facilitate and reward terrorists – and indoctrinate children to want to murder Jews

The following items represent an initial effort to provide the concerned newcomer with a well-rounded body of documentation to demonstrate the PA’s deep, long-term involvement in terrorism – and its use of Western aid money to do so.

pal-child-abuse-70Palestinian Authority promoting violence & terror, a report by Palestinian Media Watch.

Terrorists in Middle East paid salaries with U.S. foreign aid cash, by Jim Kouri,, September 7, 2013.

US resumption of aid to the PA is based on false information – PMW’s Itamar Marcus reports on Capitol Hill, by Adam Kredo, The Washington Free Beacon, May 18, 2012.

PMW reports prompt question in Danish parliament about PA salaries for terrorists and Danish funding Danish Parliament, PMW Bulletins, Apr. 24, 2013.

PA vows to continue paying salaries to prisoners – among them terrorists, by Itamar Marcus and Nan Jacques Zilberdik: PA Deputy Minister: “Salaries and allowances to Palestinian prisoners will not be stopped, whatever the cost may be. The prisoners are our joy,” PMW Bulletins, Apr. 24, 2013.

UK Parliament debates hate incitement and UK funding of PA, based on PMW findings,
by Itamar Marcus and Nan Jacques Zilberdik, PMW Bulletins, March 17, 2013.

Does Foreign Aid Fuel Palestinian Violence?, by Steven Stotsky, Middle East Quarterly,
Summer 2008.  A detailed analysis of the correlation between the amount of foreign aid given to the PA, and the incidences of Palestinians murdering Jews.

Where Does the Money Go? A Study of the Palestinian Authority, by Dr. Rachel Ehrenfeld, American Center for Democracy (2002).

(5) Documentation of massive corruption and theft of aid money by the PA

Where Did All the Billions of Dollars Given to the Palestinian Authority Go?, by Barry Rubin, GLORIA Center, June 3, 2012. Excerpt:

Palestinian Authority (PA) Prime Minister Salam Fayyad says that his regime is short of funds. And meanwhile a reader asks me:

“Can you please explain to me why 20 years after Oslo and billions in dollars in foreign aid, the Palestinian Authority (PA) still has not built modern hospitals?  Or rather, why do the donor countries pour money down the PA drain without expecting even some face-saving results?”

Good question. Short answer: Swiss bank accounts. In other words, a huge amount of the money has been stolen. There is nothing more distasteful than rulers of a people–especially a poor people–who complain about their subjects’ suffering at the same time that they profit from it. Of course, when some foreign observer sees Palestinians in poor conditions they blame Israel, thus furthering the cause of the same leaders who, -by their intransigent policies, ensure that the situation continues.

Where Does the Money Go? A Study of the Palestinian Authority
by Dr. Rachel Ehrenfeld, American Center for Democracy (2002).

U.N. Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees (UNRWA)

The UNRWA is a particularly pernicious enabler.

See our roundup of research into this organization, and its use of Western “humanitarian aid” money to help incite and glorify Palestinian terrorism and child indoctrination, here.

Also, please consider signing our petition demanding greater accountability at the UN-RWA.

Do you want to help stop this madness?

Go to our “Get Involved” page for information and resources on how to make your voice known about Palestinian child indoctrination, and specifically, as it relates to rock-throwing against Jews.






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