Huffington Post & AP glorify rock-throwers, ignore victims

On June 22, 2012, the Huffington Post (the world’s #1 most-read news site) published a story on its front page entitled “Palestinians Display Weapons Of Protest (PHOTOS)”

The story is primarily comprised of a series of pictures of Palestinian rock-throwing terrorists.  The AP photographer allowed the terrorists to pose themselves, and rather than depicting them as the aspiring-murderers that they are, the feature appeared to be more of a photo-session of rock stars, taken from Rolling Stone magazine:  A few examples:

22June12 HuffPost AP rock thrower slide show 1

22June12 HuffPost AP rock thrower slide show 2

Huffington Post chose to not feature the names, pictures or stories of any victims of Palestinian rock-throwers, however, such as Asher and Jonathan Palmer, who were murdered in an incident less than a year earlier, documented here:


In fact, even though the murder of the Palmers received significant coverage in the Israeli media – and even from the AP – Huffington Post has never run a single story about them.

This is not an isolated incident of Huffington Post choosing to glorify Palestinian terrorists, while ignoring their victims.  Rather, is part of what several watchdog sites, primarily Huff-Watch and HuffPostMonitor, have been documenting is Huffington Post’s ongoing pattern of pro-Palestinian, anti-Israel bias.

Would you like to speak out against the Huffington Post for this bias?  This page contains the means to do so.