How You Can Help


References: (1) Financial enablers – documentation of the fact that U.S. taxpayers are the largest non-Arab source of funding for the Palestinian Authority; (2) Evidence of PA inciting and rewarding terrorism; (3) Evidence of PA child indoctrination; (4) Adele Biton documentation.

You cannot stop the Palestinian Authority (PA) from inciting and rewarding terrorism.  Nor can you stop the PA from indoctrinating children to want to murder Jews,  whether by rock-throwing or any other means.

What you can do, however, is take measures to help prevent any further money from being taken out of your paycheck to enable the PA to engage in this savagery.  Here’s how:

(1) Get informed

ramzi abu radwanThere is no substitute for your taking the time to acquire reliable, first-hand knowledge.  This website has been constructed to help give you the resources to begin this process.  These two pages are a good starting point:

Evidence of PA involvement in terrorism and corruption

Palestinian child indoctrination

For more in-depth, ongoing information, visit the websites of the two giants in this field, and sign up for their (free) newsletters:

Palestinian Media Watch


Also, consult our listing of Resources for a directory of the most reliable sources of information and analysis of Palestinian terrorism, and its funding sources, and our pages devoted to showing how certain “news” entities and “human rights” groups enable the PA.

(2) Share this knowledge

baby-bomberThere are legitimate points of dispute between the Israelis and the Palestinians.  Deliberately targeting and attacking civilians, however, is never a means of solving them – at least in a civilized culture.

Most people, regardless of their cultural background, find such tactics reprehensible – as they do the indoctrination of children to want to murder others of a different religious belief.

Civilized people become shocked, angry and motivated when they discover that the money they work to earn is being taken from their paychecks to enable this savagery – especially after being told by their governments that this money is only being used for peaceful, humanitarian purposes.  This reaction becomes far stronger when they discover the faces and stories of the victims of Palestinian terrorism, such as three-year-old Adele Biton, who was left with traumatic brain injury after barely surviving a rock-throwing attack.

With the knowledge you can amass at this website, and through the resources to which we link, you are in a position to share vital information with others who might share your concerns.

(3) Speak out

Through our Contact Directory, you are provided with the means to share your thoughts with the key people behind:

(a) The “news” entities and “human rights” groups that help enable the PA to engage in this savagery, in part by inciting hate against Israel and Jews.

(b) The PA’s financial enablers, starting with the U.S. Congress and the United Nations, who do so with your money.

(4) Organize efforts to help others to speak out, together, against the enablers of Palestinian terrorism

palestinian_child_abuse2Your voice, alone, isn’t likely to change this situation.  But when many voices are joined together, and focused on one objective, there is no limit to what can be achieved.

Would you patronize any “news” entity that tries to evoke sympathy, on a false basis, for a rock-thrower of any age who is attempting to murder – yet ignores the victims of rock-throwing, as in these cases?  Or that gives a platform to anyone who says rock-throwing is a legitimate and moral form of conflict resolution?

Would you donate to any “human rights” group that you discover sides with the terrorists and those who sponsor them – while vilifying the victims?

Would you willingly open your wallet and give money to those who incite, facilitate and reward terrorism, and indoctrinate children to want to murder?

Most people would say an emphatic “no!” to each of these questions.

You have the ability to help organize efforts to enable others who feel as you do, to speak with one voice, to the key people and organizations that enable Palestinian terrorism – and especially those who force money out of your pocket to do so.

The time to start is now.



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