Adele Biton finally released from hospital; “news” media and B’Tselem still ignore her

Adele, 3, nearly killed by Palestinian rock-throwers - now left with traumatic brain injury.

Adele, 3, before she was nearly killed by Palestinian rock-throwers.


Adele Biton is a three-year-old Israeli girl who was left with severe traumatic brain injury as the result of a March 2013 Palestinian rock-throwing attack on her family.

As this documentary video that we produced reveals, major players in the Western “news” media, and a prominent “human rights” group completely ignored what happened to Adele — yet engaged in a sympathy campaign for a five-year-old Palestinian rock-thrower who was stopped from his attempts to harm Jews, like her:

February 5, 2014: Adele was released from hospital, after 11 months of clinging to life; fundraiser started for her

On February 6, 2014, news broke in Israel that Adele was finally allowed to go home from the hospital, nearly a year after she was nearly killed in the Palestinian rock-throwing attack.  The story described a fundraising effort that is underway to help pay to have the Bitons’ home outfitted to accommodate Adele’s special needs:

Adelle will need her house to be wheelchair accessible and requires specialized furniture, given the lasting damage she still suffers from. She will also need intensive attention, meaning her parents will have to find professional assistance to make sure their three other daughters are properly cared for.

While the government will subsidize some of the expenses for home renovation and a caregiver, additional funds to the tune of $100,000 are still needed to complete the major changes and make sure the family will be able to rebuild their lives.

This coming Sunday, February 9, a fundraising drive will be held by the city of Raanana and the OneFamily organization which aids terror victims, with a goal of raising the needed funds for the Biton family.

The first event of the fundraising drive will be held at Raanana’s Ohel Ari synagogue at 8:30 p.m., where Adelle’s mother Adva will speak, along with the mayor of the city, Ze’ev Bielski.

Those interested in assisting should contact OneFamily volunteer Shoshana Baker:

The “news” media and “human rights” groups completely ignored Adele – again

Predictably, the same “news” media and “human rights” group that fell all over themselves to elicit sympathy for the five-year-old Palestinian rock-thrower, yet completely ignored the story about what happened to Adele – also completely ignored this update about her.  Here are screencaps from searches conducted on February 8, 2014 at the three main offenders depicted in our video: the BBC, the Daily Mail, UPI, and the “human rights” group, B’Tselem, showing that her name (still) returns zero results:

08Feb14 BBC - Adele Biton - no results

08Feb14 DailyMail - Adele Biton - no results

08Feb14 UPI no adele biton

08Feb14 BTSelem - Adele Biton - no results

The Huffington Post, which glorifies and sympathizes with Palestinian terrorists, completely ignored Adele, again

22June12 HuffPost AP rock thrower slide show 1

And last but not least, the Huffington Post, the most-read online “newspaper” in the world, which depicts Palestinian rock-throwers in pictorials that make them appear as machismo, Rolling Stone-type music heroes, and presents weepy-eyed pictorials like this of Palestinian children whose fathers are held to account by Israel for their murderous campaigns – completely ignored Adele, as well:

08Feb14 HuffPost search for Adele Biton - nothing

But it’s not as if Huffington Post’s army of researchers and editors were falling down on the job – they found lots of fascinating “news” stories to post on its front page, including:

To share your thoughts with these “news” organizations and B’Tselem on their blackout of the Adele Biton story

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Huffington Post & AP glorify rock-throwers, ignore victims

On June 22, 2012, the Huffington Post (the world’s #1 most-read news site) published a story on its front page entitled “Palestinians Display Weapons Of Protest (PHOTOS)”

The story is primarily comprised of a series of pictures of Palestinian rock-throwing terrorists.  The AP photographer allowed the terrorists to pose themselves, and rather than depicting them as the aspiring-murderers that they are, the feature appeared to be more of a photo-session of rock stars, taken from Rolling Stone magazine:  A few examples:

22June12 HuffPost AP rock thrower slide show 1

22June12 HuffPost AP rock thrower slide show 2

Huffington Post chose to not feature the names, pictures or stories of any victims of Palestinian rock-throwers, however, such as Asher and Jonathan Palmer, who were murdered in an incident less than a year earlier, documented here:


In fact, even though the murder of the Palmers received significant coverage in the Israeli media – and even from the AP – Huffington Post has never run a single story about them.

This is not an isolated incident of Huffington Post choosing to glorify Palestinian terrorists, while ignoring their victims.  Rather, is part of what several watchdog sites, primarily Huff-Watch and HuffPostMonitor, have been documenting is Huffington Post’s ongoing pattern of pro-Palestinian, anti-Israel bias.

Would you like to speak out against the Huffington Post for this bias?  This page contains the means to do so.